Our Craft

I’ve grown to understand that the ancient art of traditional metalworking remains deeply connected to the culture celebrated in Bali and, when combined with contemporary sensibilities, creates the exquisite designs and workmanship of the jewelry you see in the
SITA Collection.

For over twenty years I’ve built warm and vital working relationships with five silversmithing families. Over many cups of Balinese coffee, we have collaborated together to create a unique collection merging these two cultures. This process results in distinctive jewelry designs that are stimulating to both smith and designer. All our jewelry pieces are made to the highest standard of this craft from quality, responsibly sourced materials. I’m dedicated to preserving this remarkable cultural tradition for generations to come. Through our combined efforts to sustain this artisan craft and through my personal commitment to fair value and a living wage for all who work with me, I’m working to encourage the next generation to take up the art.